We help start-ups and grown-up companies succeed in healthcare innovation projects.

It’s not technology why most startups fail.
It’s strategy, domain expertise, market fit and marketing.

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Working with healthcare experts increases your startup’s chance of survival.

Quint Healthcare

is a consulting company with a hands-on mentality and a focus on healthcare innovation projects.


Think of us as partners on the same journey. We step in where you need us: from early stage market research, through idea generation, business model development and product management up to scientific contracting services.

Our focus

Solutions that prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, enhance the doctor-patient relationship, reduce costs or enhance the lives of healthcare professionals and patients.

Business areas are: healthcare services (B2C, B2B), medical devices, oncology & life science, clinical medicine, digital health and telemedicine.

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Don’t come to us telling us you can upload [data] into our electronic medical record. We don’t necessarily want it there … our physicians don’t want it all there. They really don’t need to know how much exercise each of their patients is getting on a daily basis; they just don’t have time to process all of that.

— Christine Folck, Lead Innovation Designer, Kaiser Permanente