Healthcare Innovation

For start-ups, for grown-up companies, for success.

We are

a specialized healthcare consulting company with a focus on innovation in clinical medicine, biomedical & life sciences, digital health and occupational organization.


We are part of your team. We don’t just advise, we work with you shoulder to shoulder each and every day to build successful stories.



Analyze. Innovate. Repeat.

Successful stories are the ones created with foresight, strategy and entrepreneurial spirit.


We understand healthcare and entrepreneurship. As your partner, we co-create innovative products and services and guide you through the rough seas of medical innovation.

You are

an innovator, startup, company, organization or investor who has a vision about healthcare and wants to succeed.


Our mission is to make sure you succeed in healthcare – because healthcare innovation requires healthcare experts.

Tailored approach

We step in where you need us: from early stage market research, through idea generation, business model development and product management up to scientific contracting services.


We cover

  • Clinical Medicine, Diagnostics, Translational Medicine
  • Medical Devices, Medical Products and Related Medical Services
  • Life science, Research, Pharmacology, Oncology
  • Healthcare IT, Digital health, Telemedicine
  • Entrepreneurship, Startups, Product management, Product development
  • Investors

We are a team of motivated, visionary experts.

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