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Quint Healthcare

Our approach
What is Quint Healthcare?

Quint Healthcare is a specialized healthcare consulting company with a focus on innovation in clinical medicine, biomedical & life sciences, digital health and occupational organization.
Our core team is supported by our network of healthcare professionals in most medical specialities. We are constantly looking to extend our network and welcome professionals of all fields of medicine and life science.

What is Quint Healthcare’s purpose?

Quint Healthcare was founded by Dr. Karl Quint, a physician and researcher, with the aim to empower physicians and entrepreneurs to innovate healthcare.

We recognize that the best ideas come from thinking outside the box, often by employees in healthcare or by creative minds with no connection to the healthcare world.

We are all about better healthcare – better treatments, better patient experience, better technology and services and better work experience for everyone working in healthcare. Therefore, our mission is to provide support to entrepreneurial healthcare professionals as well as entrepreneurs with great ideas but no background in healthcare or life science.

How does quint Healthcare work?

Our approach is directed both an physicians working with patients as well as to entrepreneurs pursuing innovative ideas related to healthcare. All of them share a common vision – working at the crossroads of innovation and medicine in oder to make a difference in healthcare. Creating a better world through better healthcare starts with a good idea – it’s our mission to help transform good ideas into great innovations.

Quint Healthcare provides expertise in healthcare and an understanding of commercialization of products and services. We advise start-ups and grown-up companies at all stages of product and service development.

Having an idea but aren’t sure how make a prototype, write a business plan, protect your intellectual property or get your product into the hands of healthcare providers? Quint Healthcare gives new ideas a chance by empowering visionaries with the tools and knowledge to take the first steps to commercialization. As commercial success is a prerequisite for lasting innovation, we aim for our clients’ commercial success.

We operate in all stages of innovation commercialization to encourage, educate, and connect individuals through access to a global network of healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and partners.

What problem is Quint Healthcare solving?

Innovative ideas are generated both by medical professionals and by entrepreneurs from outside the medical system. But most great ideas are abandoned early and the reasons are plenty: a career in healthcare that leaves almost no time for other projects, the lack of proper hands-on knowledge and partners needed to turn ideas into products and run a profitable business, the highly regulated and intransparent healthcare arena that keeps outsiders outside, and others.

Quint Healthcare closes the gap between medical professionals in the healthcare system, entrepreneurs and industrial partners. We help with knowledge, resources and access to partners in order to make innovation possible at all stages of commercialization.

Why should I join the Quint Healthcare Expert Network?

Healthcare and life science professionals have a tremendous innovative potential. This potential can be enhanced and channeled towards innovative solutions if all these people connect with each other and cooperate. Our network is growing towards a global community who exchange ideas and form the next generation of healthcare innovators. We are open to all innovative minds, not just from healthcare

Benefits of joining our network are:

  • get involved
    participate in innovation projects along with healthcare entrepreneurs, shape the healthcare environment of the future and get hands-on knowledge about the innovation process
  • get assistance
    get help for your own ideas using our network, resources and expertise
  • stay informed
    learn what’s happening in the healthcare innovation space
  • stay connected
    connect with like-minded professionals and collaborate at all stages of the innovation process