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Aircloak’s private-by-design technology anonymously unlocks medical data analytics and creates new opportunities.


Berlin & Kaiserslautern, Germany, aircloak.com

BMMC BerlinMed Medical Consulting develops and implements new care models for severe chronic diseases, and thereby improves the care of patients and their families.

BMMC BerlinMed Medical Consulting

Berlin, Germany, BMMC BerlinMed Medical Consulting GmbH

BioVariance enables easy access to complex biomedical data through data analysis, data processing and software/app-development.

BioVariance GmbH

Munich & Waldsassen, Germany, biovariance.com

BrainControl is an Assistive Technology based on brain-computer interface (BCI) technology that can be used by patients to communicate and control devices through the power of their mind. It is designed for patients suffering from pathologies such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic or ischemic injury, including people who are in locked-in state.


Siena, Italy, BrainControl

A secure backend and database for Digital Health Businesses that have to store health data in compliance with EU privacy laws.


Trento, Italy, chino.io

Coimbra Genomics has developed ELSIE, a clinical decision support system based on a patient’s whole genome sequence.

Coimbra Genomics

Cantanhede, Portugal, Coimbra Genomics

EyeSense is a revolutionary solution for the Blind and Partially Sighted – to pursue a joyful life with more independence.


Nijmegen, Portugal, EyeSense

HeartWatch brings preventive care in the hands of everyone – with a personal self-screening tool for heart and respiratory issues readily available to anyone worldwide.


Italy, HeartWatch

The IDC Institute at the Wilhelm Löhe Hochschule developed novel sensors for the care of elderly patients.

International Dialogue College and Research Institute

Fürth, Germany, International Dialogue College and Research Institute (IDC)

Keck Medical is a healthcare consulting company.

Keck Medical

Hamburg, Germany, Keck Medical

MEDINREAL is bringing virtual reality (VR) to medical education and training.


Nijmegen, Netherlands, MEDINREAL

MINDS-Medical develops a machine-based learning, semantic software solution that automatically extracts relevant billing codes from medical documentation, speeds up medical coding and billing and thus gives doctors more time for their patients.


Frankfurt, Germany, MINDS-Medical

RenalTracker is a web-based chronic kidney disease self-management platform in between doctor’s visits.

Renal Tracker

USA / Holland / Philippines, Renal Tracker

SmartBridge uses the collective brainpower of top oncologists worldwide to help patients and investors move the needle on cancer.


USA / Netherlands, SmartBridge

SPOThealth provides patients the right information at the right time throughout their treatment track.

SPOTosphere Health

Munich, Germany, SPOTosphere GmbH


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strategy development, strategic marketing, business and product certification, process optimization, venture capital, public funding

Dr. Frank Innovation

Bundesverband Internetmedizin


finance, investment, management

Mischau Consulting

The Global Community for Medical Entrepreneurs


business management, career and team coaching

CR Consult

market entry, business development


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