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Using Whatsapp for a second medical opinion and diagnosing

We use WhatsApp on a daily basis to talk to people without meeting in person, to share photos, and to ask quick questions. Sometimes we extend these questions to a group of people to make a decision based on multiple opinions.

One Of The Only Ways To Get Really, Really Rich

Want to be remarkably successful? Want to get really rich? (While there are many ways to feel “rich,” in this case we’re talking about monetary wealth.) Then check out this little gem of an investment opportunity. It’s a simple investment.

Small World: 20+ Startups Attacking The Human Microbiome

The human microbiome is an ecosystem of trillions of microbes — some dangerous and some beneficial — living within the body. For the most part, they quietly help us digest our food, absorb nutrients, and fight off dangerous pathogens. However, when dangerous microbes, such as the bacterium C.

Gründer-Burnout „Das Thema Startup wird sehr stark romantisiert“

Sophie Chung arbeitete nach ihrem Medizinstudium zunächst als Notfallärztin, dann als Beraterin bei McKinsey. Vor rund einem Jahr gründete sie das mit Millionen finanzierte Medizintourismus-Startup Junomedical in Berlin. 16 Mitarbeiter arbeiten für sie und ihren Mitgründer Gero Graf.

Cleveland Clinic announces top 10 medical innovations for 2017

Two of the most intricate surgical practices, ophthalmology and neurology, began experimenting in the past year with technology that allows surgeons to keep their heads up while using high-resolution, 3D visual representations of their subjects.

Apple will now start screening medical and health apps more closely

Apple just released updated App Store Review Guidelines, and there are tremendous implications for the medical and health apps in the iOS App Store. The changes they are announcing contain the most stringent language I have ever seen Apple use for the health and medical categories of apps.

How music led to the invention of modern computers

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well, not always. Steven Johnson shows us how some of the most transformative ideas and technologies, like the computer, didn’t emerge out of necessity at all but instead from the strange delight of play. Share this captivating, illustrated exploration of the history of invention. Turns out, you’ll find the future wherever people are having the most fun.

The Slow Death of Freemium – And What Comes Next

Only a few years ago, the conventional wisdom held that startup founders should offer a substantial part of their product as “free forever,” which would lead to viral adoption and – maybe, eventually, hopefully – revenue.

Five Genomics Startups That Want To Unlock Your Secrets

Anne Wojcicki’s DNA testing company has rebounded from its 2013 FDA slapdown by concentrating on genealogy and slowly reintroducing health reports. It’s also working with researchers to help in drug discovery and development.

Patients Increasingly Influence The Direction Of Medical Research

Patients and their advocates are getting an ever-larger voice in how medical research is carried out. They participate in the design of experiments and have a greater say in what outcomes they care about most — and it’s not always simply living longer.